Class Schedule

CIS131 Section NF - 2017 Summer Term

CIS131: Technical Support I - 4 Hours

Prerequisites: CIS114, CIS126

Students will learn the skills needed to be a successful computer support specialist. This course covers hardware and software troubleshooting methods. Students will participate in practical lab exercises using simulation software. Students will also learn techniques to successfully communicate and interact with computer users. Course fees may apply.

Brandon L. Blake

Brandon L. Blake
Title: Adjunct Faculty
Dept: Information Systems and Technology
Office: (not available)
Phone: (309) 692-4092
Fax: (309) 692-3893

Section Information

Section: NF
Format: Flex Learning
Time: Tu 6:00pm–9:30pm,
Flex Learning
LMS: Joule
Room: 130
Fee: $70.00
Seats Filled: 3 of 20

Sections Offered

2017 Summer Term (May 22nd, 2017–August 13th, 2017)
Course Section Instructor Location Time
CIS131: Technical Support I NF Blake, Brandon L. 130 Tu 6:00pm–9:30pm;
Flex Learning

Number of classes: 1