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CIS361 Section NF - 2017 Summer Term

CIS361: Open Source Operating Systems - 4 Hours

Prerequisite: CIS251

Students will explore the latest developments in open source operating systems technologies and learn about the most current topics in the rapidly changing fields of open source operating systems and networking. Important concepts covered include process management, memory management, file systems, I/O system management including device drivers, distributed systems, and multi-user concepts including protection and security. Process management discussions focus on threads, scheduling, and synchronization. Memory management topics include paging, segmentation, and virtual memory. Students will examine how these concepts are realized in several current open-source operating systems, including Linux. Course fees may apply.

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Section Information

Section: NF
Format: Flex Learning
Time: W 6:00pm–9:30pm,
Flex Learning
LMS: Joule
Room: 130
Fee: $70.00
Seats Filled: 1 of 20

Sections Offered

2017 Summer Term (May 22nd, 2017–August 13th, 2017)
Course Section Instructor Location Time
CIS361: Open Source Operating Systems NF - 130 W 6:00pm–9:30pm;
Flex Learning

Number of classes: 1