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RR220 Section DF - 2017 Summer Term

RR220: Realtime Reporting Machine Shorthand I (60/80 WPM) - 4 Hours

Prerequisite: RR116

Through extensive drills on unfamiliar material which includes current events and timed writings, the student will be able to pass two five-minute tests at each of the following: 40 wpm and 60 wpm jury charge material and 60 wpm and 80 wpm two-voice testimony material. Each test must be transcribed with 95 percent accuracy. Emphasis is placed on the ability to write conflict-free outlines with accuracy and to read notes fluently.

Theresa Hovick-Thomas

Theresa Hovick-Thomas
Title: Accounting Assistant
Dept: Administrative Support
Office: 114
Phone: (309) 692-4092 x1140
Fax: (309) 692-3893

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Section: DF
Format: Flex Learning
Time: Tu,Th 10:05am–11:50am,
Flex Learning
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Room: 230
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