General Education

General Education Philosophy

Midstate College promotes critical thinking, integration of knowledge, understanding of scientific processes and technology, and an awareness of our social, political, and cultural heritage. The College is committed to the education of the total individual. Midstate College will provide substantial opportunities for students to develop, perfect, and polish skills in oral and written communication. Midstate College will encourage students to become active participants in the process of inquiry and to develop an ongoing process for the acquisition and integration of information for practical and creative application throughout their lives.

  1. Optimize written and oral communication by composing coherent essays, critical analyses, research papers, and documents, and delivering organized and coherent speeches and presentations using appropriate language, grammar, and documentation.
  2. Demonstrate information fluency by locating, evaluating, and effectively using information from a variety of sources.
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking skills by analyzing issues, case studies, and texts, and taking into account contrasting points of view and adopting a position supported by evidence.
  4. Demonstrate quantitative reasoning skills by generating solutions and recommending a course of action.
  5. Demonstrate interpersonal skills by contributing productively in small groups by assuming accountability, modeling appropriate behaviors, recognizing strengths and weaknesses of other individuals, and demonstrating the importance of compromise.
  6. Develop global awareness and appreciation of social and cultural diversity in the world by analyzing an issue from the perspective of another cultural tradition and demonstrating an understanding of and respect for cultural differences.
  7. Demonstrate professionalism with self-management skills including goal setting and time management.