Information Systems and Technology

Bachelor Degree, Associate Degrees, and Diploma Program Available

The Information Systems and Technology department at Midstate College prepares graduates for entry-level positions that require knowledge of the fundamental concepts of business related software applications and computer maintenance. The Computer and Information Science Degree trains students to be users or support users of computers in a business or professional environment. Students receive education and hands-on training in the operation, maintenance and management of computer information systems.

Students enrolled in the Computer Information Systems degree will develop or expand their technical skills to a level where they will be able to professionally and accurately manage departments in all areas of information technology. Additionally, they will have a background to understand marketing, operations management, and financial considerations to make intelligent business decisions related to the constantly evolving fields of computers.

The role of the office professional has greatly evolved into a role with essential administrative duties that were once reserved for managerial staff. Office professionals with an Administrative Professional degree are responsible for coordinating office activities, storing and retrieving data, and integrating information for dissemination to staff and clients. They manage information for the professional office communication over the telephone, through postal mail, and through email.

Midstate College‘s Office Assistant degree provides students with thorough, hands-on training for essential administrative office duties. Students are well trained in office computer applications and are proficient in managing information in the office environment.

Classes are offered day, night, flex, and online.