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SOC320: Women, Gender, and Society

SOC320: Women, Gender, and Society - 4 Hours

Prerequisite: SOC100

This course explores the concepts of gender from a sociological perspective. The student will examine how men and women are treated differently in the social structure - differences in rules, regulations and expectations - and how these differences often result in benefits for men at the expense of women. The student will also study the social causes and consequences of the dissimilar treatment of men and women as well as the problems associated with separating gender into strict dichotomies.

Sections Offered

2018 Spring Term (February 26th, 2018–May 20th, 2018)
Course Section Instructor Location Time
SOC320: Women, Gender, and Society E Tuxhorn, Becki J. Moodlerooms eLearning

Number of classes: 1