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FIN200 Section NF - 2018 Winter Term

FIN200: Principles of Finance - 4 Hours

Prerequisites: ACC101; ACC105; 1 of MAT038, MAT138, MAT140, MAT145, MAT150, MAT160, MAT161, MAT170

An analysis of the factors governing financial management. The course examines the management of short-term assets, the sources and cost of long-term capital investment, and investment decision-making factors. Students acquire a knowledge of how to utilize accounting data from financial statements in financial analysis by deriving cash and capital budgets, forecasting sales and expense, and discounting capital investments. Students gain an understanding of the role of financial management for both domestic and international firms. In addition, the students will study the role of the Federal Reserve in the U.S. economic system.

Dr. Brian Young

Dr. Brian Young
Title: Faculty
Rank: Instructor
Dept: Business Administration
Office: 232
Phone: (309) 692-4092 x2320
Fax: (309) 692-3893

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Section: NF
Format: Flex Learning
Time: Tu 6:00pm–9:30pm,
Flex Learning
Room: 500
Seats Filled: 6 of 20

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2018 Winter Term (November 12th, 2018–February 17th, 2019)
Course Section Instructor Location Time
FIN200: Principles of Finance NF Young, Brian 500 Tu 6:00pm–9:30pm;
Flex Learning

Number of classes: 1