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LSJ495 Section AE - 2019 Summer Term

LSJ495: Law and Social Justice Internship - 4 Hours

Prerequisites: 10 of ECO342, ECO348, LSJ310, LSJ316, LSJ320, LSJ325, LSJ331, LSJ338, LSJ354, LSJ361, LSJ385, LSJ450

The Law and Social Justice Program internship course is designed to solely benefit the Law and Social Justice students (hereinafter student intern) by providing the student intern with the opportunity to apply their formal education (through internship and seminar) to real life situations in the law and social justice arena. This course involves the supervised practical application of the specific skills, theories, and concepts acquired through the Law and Social Justice Program that are necessary for a successful career in the law and social justice arena. The student intern will train under the direct supervision of the internship coordinator and a professional in the law and social justice field. In addition to attending the required seminar meetings during the 12-week term, the student intern must complete a minimum of 160 hours in practical on-the-job experiences. The 160-hour schedule needs to be arranged between the internship site and the student intern. All internship sites/schedules must be approved by the Legal Studies Program Director prior to the commencement of the internship experience. Students receive academic credit upon successful completion of the 160-hour practicum and meeting the LSJ495 course requirements. There is no remuneration for time spent at the internship site nor are students entitled to a job with the internship site at the conclusion of the internship experience.

Mark Wiltse

Mark Wiltse
Title: Director of Legal Studies
Rank: Associate Professor
Dept: Legal Studies
Office: 219
Phone: (309) 692-4092 x2190
Fax: (309) 692-3893

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