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CIS318 Section N - 2019 Fall Term

CIS318: Advanced Network Communications - 4 Hours

Prerequisite: CIS218

This course is a study of Data Communications theories, designs, and technologies utilized in current data communication networks. The students will also study the functions, performance, capacity, and management of multiple network architectures including network security management. Course fees may apply.

Brian S. Hughes

Brian S. Hughes
Title: Adjunct Faculty
Dept: Computer Information Systems
Office: (not available)
Phone: (309) 692-4092
Fax: (309) 692-3893

Section Information

Section: N
Format: On-Campus
Time: Th 6:00pm–9:30pm
Room: 130
Fee: $70.00
Seats Filled: 1 of 14

Sections Offered

2019 Fall Term (August 19th, 2019–November 10th, 2019)
Course Section Instructor Location Time
CIS318: Advanced Network Communications N Hughes, Brian S. 130 Th 6:00pm–9:30pm

Number of classes: 1