The eLearning Experience

eLearning is a unique learning format that allows you to attend class from the comfort of your own home. eLearning courses provide education through virtual classrooms on the Internet.

eLearning provides learners the opportunity to pursue academic programs around their personal schedules. While weekly studies and participation are essential, students can attend class anytime of the day from anywhere. Many students find this mode of learning to be the best option when juggling time constraints with work and personal responsibilities.

How does eLearning work?

eLearning courses are taught at a distance and delivered asynchronously using the Internet. The College's eLearning management systems provide robust educational platforms for presenting course content while facilitating interaction between students and instructors. Midstate College is committed to providing a quality learning experience for eLearning students that is equivalent to the instruction they would receive in a traditional classroom.

Is eLearning right for me?

eLearning courses do not require a high level of specialized technical knowledge, but students need to have basic computer literacy and access to a reliable Internet connection. Students enrolled in eLearning courses need to be disciplined and self-motivated in the pursuit of their academic goals. Often more convenient than traditional classroom-based learning, eLearning is equally as challenging. Students are expected to produce a substantial amount of quality work while maintaining a high level of interaction with peers and instructors.

eLearning degree programs

Online Degree Programs (80KB PDF)