The Enrollment Process

Enrollment Made Easy

If you have any questions, or wish to begin the enrollment process, please contact the Admissions Office at:

Midstate College
Attn: Admissions Office
411 W. Northmoor Road
Peoria, IL 61614-3595
Phone: 309.692.4092
Toll Free: 800.251.4299

Begin the Enrollment Process

Midstate College has a qualified staff of admissions representatives that are willing and able to assist you in your educational pursuits. Any prospective student can contact the admissions department to schedule a one-on-one conference to have all of your questions answered.

Once you submit your application to Midstate College, you will have a short checklist of items that need to be completed to start your education. Your admissions representative will work closely with you to ensure the following steps are complete before you begin classes:

  1. Schedule classes that work best with your schedule.
  2. Meet with a financial assistance officer.
  3. Complete the Midstate College entrance exam.
  4. Attend a new student orientation.