History of the College

Proudly Serving Central Illinois Since 1888

Established in 1888, Midstate College is a private, for-profit college located at 411 W. Northmoor Rd., Peoria, Illinois. The College relocated its facility from the downtown Peoria location to the Northmoor location in October of 1997. The Arline H. Bunch Business Center was opened January 14, 2002 and the R. Dale Bunch Student Center was opened May 17, 2010. The site offers our students several amenities including free parking and full handicap accessibility.

The origin of Midstate College dates back to 1857 when a commercial school was started in Peoria, and in 1865 a similar school opened. In 1868, the schools in Peoria were combined, and in 1888 it was purchased by G.W. Brown and named Brown’s Business College of Commerce.

Mr. Brown continued ownership and operation until 1913. At that time he owned 21 institutions in Illinois and one in St. Louis. The Peoria school was sold to a Mr. Reed who continued operation until 1960 when it was purchased by A.R. Beard, Don Beard, and Arline H. Bunch. The name was then changed to Midstate College of Commerce.

In 1965, the stock was purchased by the Bunch family, and in 1970 the name was changed to Midstate College.

Today’s Midstate College is a greatly expanded version of its 1888 predecessor. A variety of curricula, accreditations, and other improvements have been developed to better meet the needs of the community. The combination of these events has resulted in Midstate College becoming a four-year college serving students from Central Illinois and other parts of the country. Midstate was approved to offer the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in the November 1999.

In January 2002, the Arline H. Bunch Business Center was opened, and the Business Administration Department was moved into the new building. In May 2010, the R Dale Bunch Student Center was opened, and the library and bookstore was moved into the new building. A café, science lab, and four additional classrooms were also added to the facilities.

Midstate College enrolled its first graduate students in the Master of Business Administration program in November 2018.