Quality Improvement Program

Systems Portfolio, Supporting Documents, and Action Projects

Portrait of Meredith N. BunchOn behalf of the administration, faculty and staff of Midstate College, I would like to welcome you to our Quality Improvement Program. As President, it is with pride that I reflect on 2003 when we began this journey and even more pride, excitement and expectations as I focus on where Midstate is in 2018. The philosophy of Midstate College has been, "Our pride is in our people." Our commitment, camaraderie, and caring have gotten us where we are today. The family atmosphere we provide has proven successful and has driven us to great heights as we continue to provide the highest quality of education for our students.

The central focus of Midstate College is to create an exemplary learning environment so today’s students can meet tomorrow’s challenges. We take great pride in the fact that our learning environment is unique to the Peoria area. We foster a family atmosphere amid curriculum expectations of personal, intellectual and professional growth. The strides that have been made on our current AQIP Systems Portfolio are testimony to our accomplishments and support our commitment to higher expectations. We recognize the Systems Portfolio as a mechanism for self-study, self-challenge, and self-growth. Moreover, we consider the Systems Portfolio to be a “living document” which serves as a vehicle to showcase our continuing endeavor to be our personal best. We will continue to challenge that personal best in the coming years as we have done throughout our history—this is what the Higher Learning Commission/AQIP expects of us, and this is what we expect of ourselves.

Midstate College’s association with the Higher Learning Commission and the Academic Quality Improvement Program has been a mechanism which has fostered our mission in a positive way. The Systems Portfolio is an in-depth look at our institution which details the context for analysis, processes, results, and potential improvements. Since the Systems Portfolio is a living document undergoing constant revision, our supporting documents show its evolution over time. As the Systems Portfolio identifies areas for improvement, Midstate College initiates Action Projects to accomplish these goals. AQIP and the rigors of the expectations it harbors have fostered, endorsed, and challenged us to even greater heights—a challenge and commitment we embrace. For more information about Midstate’s Quality Improvement Program, please see the documents listed below:

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Supporting Documents

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