Allied Health

Bachelor Degree and Diploma Program Available

Health Services Management, Bachelor of Science

The baccalaureate degree in Health Services Management is designed to prepare students for a successful career in entry-level management or supervisory positions in healthcare. Students with associate degrees from a variety of backgrounds such as dental hygiene, nursing, medical assisting, health information, respiratory technology, occupational therapy, and activity therapy will be served with the opportunity to obtain an advanced degree. Specialized skills in problem solving, communication, finance, law, business, and management will prepare these students to make sound leadership decisions in the evolving healthcare arena. Students from a business or accounting background will gain insight into the unique aspects of providing healthcare services to society and the effect of the disease process and illness on the individual healthcare consumer.

Medical Office Technician, Diploma Program

This program is designed to offer training in the medical reception profession with titles such as a Medical Office Technician or Front Office Technician. Graduates of this program will be able to successfully perform duties in the front office of a physician, ophthalmologist, chiropractor, or veterinarian offices etc. This program includes training that will enable graduates to facilitate flow through facilities and maintain calm and efficient environments. Graduates will be prepared to perform entry-level duties that include answering the phone, taking payments, making appointments, and pulling records. Program curriculum will also cover customer service skills, business communication, accounting basics, keyboarding, computer usage abilities, and an overall focus on basic medical knowledge.